VR Camera

When we look upon the world, our brains see symbols. Looking at a tree, I abstract away all of its unique identifying features and assign to it the label “tree”. When I see this tree, I see not that specific tree, but rather my mental image of what “tree” looks like based on all of the trees I have ever seen in my life. In the process, I begin to lose the ability to meaningfully engage with all the diverse visual stimuli in the world around me.

VR Camera erodes wearers’ sense of 3D space and presents the world as a Brakhagian, disoriented 2D canvas, populated only with visual form, and time to revel in the richness of one’s own vision. Transparent LCDs on each eye are connected to an accelerometer and obscure completely if the wearer moves too quickly, disrupting the continuity between what one sees from one vantage point to the next and reframing the world as an alternate reality of camera-made fixed images.

Summer 2020

Technical Design:


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