Transmitter / Signal / Receiver

T/S/R is a belt with four bright headlights projecting horizontally outwards around the wearer. An FM radio plays in the wearer’s ears. If the signal is strong, the lights project outward from the wearer. If the signal is faint, the headlights point downward to the wearer’s feet and the radio in wearers’ ears is replaced with the haunting crackle of naturally occurring low-frequency radio signals in their surroundings.

In the dark, navigating a space with light projected far outwards, wearers lose sight of their body, living several meters into their spatial future. Wearers become a server, seeking with pings of light - a specter in the dark. When navigating with light projected at their feet, wearers have no future to react to. Their light is not a probe but rather a beacon, announcing “I’m here” on behalf of both themselves and their surroundings. In the process, I hope wearers reflect on their relationship to natural spaces around them as they transition between intruder and native.

Fall 2020


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