Touch to Unlock

Our lives are mediated by interfaces. My doorknob is an interface to the hallway, my seatbelt an interface to safety, and my phone an interface to the internet. We’re trained to touch in so far as a tactile action accesses an interface and offers us utility. Otherwise, our sense of touch in everyday life is largely a dormant sense, and the physical substance of the world is rarely accessed in our day to day lives. Objects without obvious interfaces are relegated to the visual scenery of our lives, accessed only by our sense of sight. We see these objects and because we see them, we infer their physicality.

My project Touch to Unlock at Barnard College’s Movement Lab aims to offer participants an interactive experience where their sense of touch is their primary access point to reality. Guiding my research into the project was the question: What is an object when it is no longer defined by its immediate utility?

Winter 2019 - Spring 2020

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, I have not had access to the equipment necessary to complete Touch to Unlock and so the project is currently on hold. Below is a description of what the finished experience will entail.

Technical Design:

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