Spring 2017

Written, drawn and inked by me in fall of 2016, World-Changing is the first comic I have produced. The comic was intended to satirize my own anxieties and opinions regarding my mindset and future trajectory in life during high school. All of the characters in some way reflected various aspects of my personality at the time. Each character's thoughts and anxieties reflect those that had crossed my mind in the years prior. So, in many ways, this comic allowed me to put myself in perspective and reflect on how best to lead my own life. In addition, this comic gave me the opportunity me to put to the test many of the techniques by prolific cartoonists like Mazzucchelli and Ware that had inspired me over the years for the first time. As such, I attempted to seed the narrative with motifs and experimental visual techniques to enhance my use of the medium.

© 2017 all rights reserved Mohar Kalra.