Spring 2020

I am most easily able to appreciate the scale and detail of nature when I am able to constrain my field of view and focus on the little details that comprise what I see. I never know what will catch my eye and I can trust that whatever I see is transient, a revelation for myself alone to see.

Inspired by these ideas, Vista is an installation designed to amplify the richness of the outdoors while connecting the people appreciating that beauty across time. It consists of a large nondescript wooden frame and a smaller frame that can be slid within the negative space of the larger frame. Designed to be placed along a nature trail, passersby can move the small frame to frame and amplify something that catches their eye. This smaller frame will constrain the expansiveness of space before the passerby so they may better focus on whatever is contained in the smaller frame. Then the passerby may leave and the next visitor will arrive at Vista with the small frame exactly where the last hiker left it, as if to say "Something worthwhile was framed here. What do you see?"

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, I have not had access to the machining equipment necessary to physically realize Vista, however the installation has been modelled in Fusion360 with fabrication in mind.

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