Portfolio Website


As I have had more time and opportunity to pursue personal projects of various kinds in college, I realized that it may be valuable to have a site to post all of them - from art to my research work.


To build a personal website from scratch, as both a design and technical challenge. Further, it needed to function as a portfolio, displaying information about myself and my projects in as coherent, concise and aesthetically pleasing a manner as possible.



  • Include sections for comics, research projects, technical projects and personal information
  • Concise descriptions of projects to retain visitors’ attention
  • Capacity to navigate easily from page to page
  • All information easily and efficiently accessible from home page
  • Aesthetically pleasing without being flashy
  • Format to add new projects easily without redesigning entire site
  • Website Banner:


  • Used html, css, javascript and heavily modified skeleton.css column framework to build this website.
  • Designed one home page with scrolling navigation bar and pages for each project
  • Split home page into four sections: About me, technical projects, art projects and contact information
  • Modular display of projects allows for easy addition of new projects to the home page
  • Drew banner on home page to augment the page’s design.

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