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As a part of the Vertically Integrated Research Project at Georgia Tech, I worked on developing the Georgia Tech Miniature Underwater Vehicle (GT-MUR). While the project had been ongoing for several years prior to my joining the research team, there were several immediate problems on the MUR that I helped address.


Though the GT MUR was more or less functional by the time I joined the project, it was in a largely prototypical state. Since the end goal of the project was to commercialize the MUR, I was responsible for redesigning various internal components to make the MUR more reliable, stable and user-friendly.


Depth Sensor Mount


  • Replace zipties securing depth sensor with 3D Printed Sensor Mount
  • Parameters:

  • Minimize material
  • Configure mount to reduce water drag
  • Out of the way of wires/external components of GT-MUR
  • Depth Sensor Mount(Left) and the Mount Installed on the GT-MUR (Right):


  • Designed in Solidworks the above part
  • Slides onto rails traversing GT-MUR for easy installation

Acoustic Modem Mount


  • Design a rack to mount 4 tier PCB acoustic modem inside GT-MUR's hull
  • Parameters:

  • Connect to internal PCB rack
  • Keep acoustic modem secure
  • Skeletal to fit inside MUR's housing
  • Modem Mount(Left) and the Modem (Right):


  • Designed in Solidworks the above part
  • Modem can be slipped into the mount and screwed in
  • Mount's arms hook onto modem's PCB screw holes
  • Modem Mount (Left) attached to PCB Rack (Right):

Camera Installation


  • Design and install mount for Duo M Camera to be housed inside the GT MUR
  • Design and install viewport on hull for camera
  • Mount Parameters:

  • Connect to internal PCB rack in the GT-MUR
  • Stable and position camera flush with viewport
  • Viewport Parameters:

  • Watertight
  • Duo M Camera Mount (Left) attached to PCB Rack (Right):


  • Designed in Solidworks above part for Camera Mount
  • Drilled 2" hole in one of MUR's endcaps and epoxied on 1/8" glass disk to create viewport
  • Camera mounted to installed Camera Mount seen through Glass Viewport:



  • Test and document new parts on GT MUR
  • Ensure that MUR functions as advertised
  • Solution:

  • Performed depth tests to confirm MUR is watertight and resists water pressure deformation
  • Wrote manual to help users seal MUR for water tests

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