The Communicase is a personal project of mine that I began in December 2017. It is currently a work in progress. At the time of its inception, I was looking to find an idea for a simple toy or interactive object that I could test my CAD skills on.


To design in Solidworks an interactive iPhone case modelled after the communicators from the original Star Trek show. It would contain a simple circuit that would produce a chirp every time the case is flipped open, as the communicators do in the TV show.



  • Compact, as it is a phone case.
  • Mimic original design of Star Trek Communicators.
  • Easy access to internal circuitry to change batteries etc.
  • Minimize moving parts
  • The Current Assembly:


  • Designed three parts:
    • Top and Bottom pieces that clip together to form case's body
    • Top piece holds phone
    • Bottom piece houses circuitry
    • Antenna that flips up and down
  • Body is split into two parts to simplify antenna swivel mechanism
  • Allows easy access and installation of electrical components.
  • Antenna secured in crevice between Top and Bottom pieces of case.
  • Top and Bottom connect with sliding notch and clips
  • Top Piece:

    Bottom Piece:


    Future Work:

  • Prototyping and fine-tuning design of the communicase.
  • Make design smaller to increase practicality
  • Begin work on the audio components of the case, once design is finalized
  • Circuit will consist of a speaker, LiPo battery, sound board and amplifier to produce chirping noise

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