Close Up

Summer 2020

Whenever I’m feeling uneasy or like something is wrong but I can’t place my finger on what, I often can only move forward by sifting through literally everything I remember from the past couple days to create a causality to explain what exactly I’m feeling. “Close Up” is an inconveniently large book that locks open until you flip sequentially through every page. The comic itself is non sequential and overwhelmingly dense, following several characters through periods of indistinct unease in their lives. As such, you as the reader must string together a narrative from the pieces given, actively participating in the characters’ healing process.

At the moment, I don’t really have a good way to share this project understandably, but pending a few variables, I’m hoping to produce a few more copies once I have access to a laser cutter!

© 2020 all rights reserved Mohar Kalra.